Dongguan Wiselion Packing Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Wiselion Packing Co., Ltd

    We are one of leading manufacturers specialized in manufacturing various of handmade packaging for over 20 years so far in China. We offer packaging design, printing, producing, warehousing and shipping services.

    Our Main products range includes jewellery packaging,watch packaging,cosmetic packaging and other gift packaging(such as magnet closure box,match box style drawer sliding box,cufflinks box, medal coin box,shoe box,pen box,tea box,wine box,gift pouch bag,etc.).

    All the products keep in the same pace of the international markets. Added with high quality, prompt delivery, competitive price and excellent customer services, we enjoy a good reputation and our products are widely accepted by customers worldwide.Besides, we gladly accept OEM and ODM. You are welcome to visit our homepage to enjoy the unique items. If you like any items or you want to custom your own design, feel free to contact us in time!

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